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Premium Items

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“Three-Kingdom Romance” in South America

South America, the furthest continent away from China. To our knowledge, this chicken-leg-shaped continent is just about passionate Samba, crazy soccer fans and flourishing jungle in Amazon. But Brazil and Argentina do not make up the entire South America, there are countries located in the west coast, and along the long and narrow Andes such as Peru, Bolivia and Chile that still remained quite unknown to us, and they are the very origin of Inca Civilization, and places that show us the uncanny workmanship of the great nature.

Why don’t have a look first about Peru, Bolivia and Chile, three countries located in the west coast of South America, each of them has her own charm!

Machu Picchu, Peru

La Paz, Bolivia

Atacama, Chile

A 20-day premium trip to three South American countries, during which we explore the secrets of Machu Picchu with you, settle down in the only luxurious hotel that is built upon the ruins of Inca Civilization, enjoy the ultimate landscape in Salar de Uyuni, look up in the sky at night in Atacama Desert, and have a taste of the best Chile-made red wine…

Unique product design

The most unconventional and optimal tour route, for you to take a bite of the magical South America in the most comfortable and elegant way

Selected premium hotels in “the barrens”

Atacama Desert Experience the local luxurious hotel where you may enjoy the most magnificent night sky

Machu Picchu Settle down in the hotel which was built on the camp site of American archaeological team. Appreciate the sunrise and sunset right on the ruins of Machu Picchu

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Basic information

Departs from Beijing/Shanghai.

Price: 15,980 USD/person


-          Premium tour package: 12 people per group for whoever signs up first.

The price includes the following: Accommodation along the trip, 2 people share 1 room, Chinese-speaking guide & interpreter, local English-speaking tour guide, tickets to attractions, tour bus and other ground traffic, four flights in South America, food included in the trip, tips for drivers & tour guides, travel insurance, and visa expenses.

The price excludes the following: International flight tickets (round trip tickets between China and South America), US visa expense (since the recommended international flight has to pass through the territory of the United States, so a US visa is recommended), personal shopping, tips for hotel porters and restaurant waiters, all travel expenses for those who have to go to Beijing for the application of visas and other additional expenses related to personal reasons.

About the visa: Deer Jet and suppliers will assist you in the application of visas of three South American countries. The required materials for the visa application are subject to the notice when signing the agreement.

Traffic solution: Deer Jet offers you with round-trip private jet charter service, or you may ask us to purchase flight tickets for you.

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