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Deer Jet adopts the quotation method of multiplying the hours of ferry flight and hour price of ferry flight and multiplying the hours of planed flight and hour price of relevant aircraft's flight, and then combining these two products together
The quotation includes:flight operating cost (take off and land, fuel, flight), ground handling service fee, standard meal cost, and aircrew overnight charges;
Excludes:urgent plan application fee, ground transshipment charges, deicing charges, special meal requirements, and excess insurance in some countries.
A customer wants to book a flight plan from Qingdao to Shenzhen (take the Beijing Deer Jet base and Shenzhen Deer Jet base as an example), and the actual quotation is: Total price = (hours of ferry flight from Beijing to Qingdao * hour price of ferry flight) + (hours of planed flight from Qingdao to Beijing * hour price of the flight). If there are other requirements of urgent plan application and special meal, the extra fees will be additionally charged.
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