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Legal Information

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Legal Information

Please agree the following terms if you want to continue to enter the website of Deer Jet. You may not continue to enter the website in case that you disagree with any of the following. The following terms shall manage your use of the website, and it is deemed that you have agreed to be bound by these terms in case that you’ve entered the website. Please do not use the website in case you disagree with the terms and conditions. Any change of existing terms will be displayed on the website without further notice. You are required to read the terms each time you enter the website to make sure that you are informed of the most current update. Any use of the website after any update of terms is deemed that you have accepted all changed terms.

All rights of the website are reserved to Deer Jet or any of its authorized dealers. All unauthorized rights are reserved. Any reproduction, reprint, amendment, transmission or storage of any or all content without download links of the website is strictly prohibited, nor shall any of the above be used for any public or commercial purpose without the written consent of Deer Jet in advance, except for those who are permitted in the following. We agree that you may visit the website of Deer Jet with your computer device and copy any excerpt of it for your personal use only, and may not be transmitted without the written consent of Deer Jet. Certain documents of the website may have otherwise specified other additional terms that shall be observed.

The website and its content are provided for your convenience, and we are unable to guarantee permanent stability of the website, or any mistake, loophole or virus. We assume no liability in case that the website becomes inaccessible at anytime due to any reason, or any computer virus or the absence of system. The content is provided based on the “current situation” and “existence” and we do not guarantee that the website will not be interrupted or is without any mistake. We reserve the right to modify the website or retrieve the right of the accessibility to the website at anytime. Your visit may be suspended at anytime without further notice.

Deer Jet makes no implications or guarantee the content, existence, preciseness and reliability of the website, including but not limited to: The guarantee of ownership, the guarantee of non-infringement, or the implied guarantee of the commercial nature, or the applicability to a certain purpose of the website. We assume no liability of any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential losses, profit loss or business interruption arising from the use or suspension of use of the services provided by the website even if we are informed of the possibility of similar losses earlier. The exclusion and limitation of guarantee-related liabilities are seen as effective within and to the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws.

For your convenience to use the internet, we may build up links with other third party websites. You shall read and agree to its rules of use before you enter its website via certain link. You agree that Deer Jet has no control over any other website and is exempted from any liability of any content published or produced by any website. In addition, the links of other websites on the website of Deer Jet do not imply our recognition of any product or service of those websites or mentioned in those websites.

You shall agree the following terms in case that you want to provide any material to our server via e-mail or the website of Deer Jet or by any other means:

1. Please do not provide any of your personal information if you are under 18 years old, unless otherwise permitted by your parents or your legal guardian;

2. If you provide information on behalf of another person, you shall confirm that you have authorized that person to provide information on your behalf and he/she is fully aware of the content and has no objections whatsoever against our handling of his/her information according to the policy;

3. The material provided does not include any infringing, illegal or any other thing that is unsuitable to be disclosed;

4. You shall have put all reasonable efforts in scanning and deleting all viruses or any other infectious or damaging factors before submitting the material;

5. You have unlimited rights to the material or handing it us, and we may publish it and / or apply ideas described in it on our products for free without assuming any liability or obligation;

6. You agree to forfeit the right of recourse regarding the material you submitted to us. You also agree that you shall compensate all our losses in case that a third party takes any recourse action on us because of the material you submitted to us.

Deer Jet does not investigate registration content of users in its website and assumes no liability of it. Dear Jet is entitled to delete any registration content in the website of users at anytime without the need to obtain consent from users.

Deer Jet is the registered trademark of Deer Jet. The product name of Deer Jet is also seen as the registered trademark or trademark in use by Deer Jet, and the names of any other product or company are the trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. Your entering of the website may not be construed as being authorized with the permission or right to use any trademark that appears in the website or construe by authorizing any third party the right to use these names, trademarks or pictures.

You may write to us if you have any questions related to the legal announcement to the following address: Deer Jet, Floor 10, Building A, HNA Buildings, #2 of the B exit of the Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Chaoyang Office); Deer Jet, HNA Base, No.3 Huoyun North Road, Shunyi District, Beijing (Shunyi Office), official